Architecture & P.O.P

Danzel Edwardson group also consists of a department of interior design and Point-Of-Purchase Advertising.

The department has always succeeded in making the best and most efficient use of the space it is in charge of organizing. For all projects it has always adopted a vision combining the practical with the attractive.
If you should need advice for your space arrangements, our designers will be pleased to guide you at all the stages of your project!

We develop virtual visits from real images or 3D reconstruction to allow your customers to walk into your space virtually creating a closeness with your house or condo.

Because we aim at guaranteeing full satisfaction beyond expectations, we are confident we will be convincing thanks to our unrivaled know-how and customized follow-up to suit your needs:
Studies and selection of advertising venues to ensure higher exposure.
Aisle head display offers, ad columns, innovating posters or tasting events likely to turn your brand into an icon.

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