28/03/2013: Discover the creation SEKO!

We are pleased to introduce our latest creation: a facelift, a pack Administrative and signage for SEKO.
Trust us on these points!

Lifting logo - Seko - Latest work

18/01/2013: Discover the website of DE Group now updated!

We just updated the design of our website to give you a better ergonomic use, new features will be online during the year 2013!

15/12/2012 : Promotional catalog for Artizjob

DANZEL EDWARDSON Group recently completed the catalog-products company Sport Events which specializes in memorabilia for sports teams and Hockey popular sports in Canada.

Development of a corporate image and a creation of a 3D character grouping four popular sports allows a Sport Evenz stand out.

Catalogue - Print - Design - Sport - Hockey - Memorabilia

17/11/2012: POP for Sodexo

Danzel Edwardson Group conducted a POP for the promotion of new services Sodexo, a company distributing tickets restaurants.

This highlights a POP corporate image based on human assets and business success.

Sodexo Popup

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